The global partners and representatives at WSEG have a long history of working with talent in all facets of sponsorship and endorsement campaigns.  We help procure opportunities, structure deals, red-line offers, and even draw up counter-proposals, all in an effort to enhance your brand and expand market share.  Our reach is international and across multifarious platforms; we assist artists with everything from record labels to fashion lines, we even have manufacturing contacts abroad.  If you have a vision, we can help you bring it to fruition.

Public Relations Management
We directly represent a collection of talent and manage their marketing, sponsorship’s, endorsements, PR efforts, public speaking engagements, and charitable associations.  Secondly, we have an extensive and constantly growing network of premier athletes, renown chefs, world-class models, gifted musicians, champion fighters and talent from every walk of life, who we encourage to collaborate with each other.  Often there are internal opportunities to participate in the marketing and advertising campaigns as part of corporate sponsorship initiatives. For more information on athletes click here.

Philanthropy Arm

Not only do we manage and guide the careers of high profile sportsmen in soccer, basketball, MMA, and football, we understand the unique power of ambassadors in our clients’ partnerships with sport – the celebrity that secures valuable media exposure, powerful shareable content, and memorable live appearances.  We feel that it is our duty and our obligation to give back to the communities we serve. Our philanthropies stress the importance of academics, athletics, and the arts.  We stress living a balanced lifestyle, with education at the forefront.

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