WSEG offers a complete range of services for everything that a brand, athlete or artist could need. There is nothing in sport and entertainment we can’t do.

Event feasibility and planning

We provide strategic and technical services in major event bidding. Our detailed operational and readiness planning, strategic and technical advice means that we can guarantee success of major sporting events for any city or country considering a bid. Our unique bidding concepts and detailed legacy plans maximise the long term benefits of hosting major sporting events.

Strategic and Commercial consultancy

We provide a broad range of consultancy services. Whether you are a brand considering sport as a potential addition to your marketing portfolio or a rights owner looking to value and package your rights, we have the expertise and resources to ensure that your strategic or commercial objectives are not only met, but exceeded.

Event Creation, Management & Delivery

We have the ability to create and deliver sports and entertainment events including multi-sport events, mass participation events and one off events to meet specific sporting and commercial objectives. Our holistic approach is based on years of experience working with federations, Government authorities, cities, sports, broadcasters, athletes and venues.

Advertising & Rights sales

We offer the very best opportunities within sports telecasts to major international brands looking to drive visibility to key television audiences. Our specialist sales team strives to maximise advertising, sponsorship and commercial opportunities at expansive portfolio of major televised sporting events.

Broadcast Services

Our experience and understanding of major broadcast partners and their requirements means we are able to prepare venues for optimum broadcast coverage, fully integrate commercial partners into the broadcast and digital content, whilst consistently delivering on product development and project management.

Athlete Management & Ambassador Programmes

We have a long history of working with some on the most important and inspiring figures in sport. Not only do we manage and guide the careers of high profile sportsmen in rugby, cricket and tennis, we understand the unique power of ambassadors in our clients’ partnerships with sport – the celebrity that secures valuable media exposure, powerful shareable content and memorable live experiences.

Sponsorship Activation & Rights Management

We bring sponsorships to life by building deeper connections with audiences. By offering the full spectrum of services from concept development to final delivery, we work to develop seamless, impactful sponsorship activations that engage audiences with our clients’ brands and deliver impact, value and solid return on investment.

Sport, Commercial & Cultural Branding

We deliver iconic look and feel programmes for major international events and festivals. Having supplied permanent signage and wayfinding for corporate and commercial customers as well as some of the biggest events in sport such as London 2012, UEFA Euro’s 2012 and the 2010 FIFA World Cup, we are perfectly placed to guarantee consistency and brand integrity across all applications from permanent external signage to interior décor.

Interactive Live Experiences

We facilitate global awareness and launch events by activating extraordinary experiences in equally unique spaces that inspire audiences and drive viral marketing. Using unique locations, visual projections and amplifying sound tracks, we draw live audiences to spectacular sights, creating unforgettable experiences.

Exhibitions & Retail Display

We deliver maximum impact graphics for high-street brands and commercial clients. We take marketing outline s and transform them into head-turning design and artwork that can be printed onto any material or media.

Overlay, Fitout & Showcasing

We provide the essential overlay and fitout elements to temporarily adapt and deliver a fully operating venue for a specific event, whether it be a showcasing pavilion, hospitality suite or any other part of a consumer activation environment. We can manage the creative vision, architectural design and infrastructure, food and beverage footfall, security and accreditation and investment evaluation of any showcasing venue.

Digital & Social Media

Sport and social media are powerful bed fellows and our team are focussed on our clients becoming a credible and active part of the social dialogue. Our social digital services are delivered 24/7, 365 days a year. Wherever our clients’ events are happening we’re joining the debate, adding value and building deeper connections through all social channels.

Content Production & Distribution

Great content increases engagement and interaction between brands and audiences through sport. We offer the unique combination of unrivalled expertise in sports and leading-edge production capabilities that raises the bar for smart sport video creation. From short form social media edits to high budget full length productions our in house team are ready to provide an end to end service.

Sports & Consumer PR

We pride ourselves on our ability to secure standout exposure for our clients across all media channels – print, broadcast, digital and social. Our ambition is to drive strong, clear, impactful coverage in news and lifestyle media, delivering standout exposure and strong return on investment.

Hospitality Services

We believe that planning and executing cutting edge event hospitality experiences is born from intelligent strategic direction. We are experts in creating an atmosphere which brings together your clients and their guests, promoting natural networking opportunities that are stylish in execution and seamless in delivery, where brand relevance and guest engagement runs through the heart of the experience.

Business Unit & Employee Engagement

Well-engaged supporters inside a business make a considerable difference to the success of sponsorships. We help realise the benefit of the sponsorship investment by engaging all business stakeholders enabling businesses to create an integrated approach in which to opportunities can be leveraged.

Community & Grassroot Programmes

Our belief is that actions speak louder than words and that brands need to develop genuine CSR programmes to be credible. We understand the role that cause related marketing plays for businesses and that as a stand-alone or integrated project it’s role is becoming increasingly important.


We have an experienced and creative team who’s expertise can guide our clients on their merchandise journey from concept through product development, shipping and on site fulfilment and delivery enabling clients to leverage designated marks, logos and mascots.

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