onder Sports and Entertainment started with a couple lawyers (well, a Barrister and an Esquire) who saw the management of talent in a different light.Emmanuel Wonder, a former professional soccer player, hung up his cleats around the same time as he hung up a law degree, finding time to study for exams on the bus rides to away-games.  Emmanuel traveled the world as a player, with over 10 years of playing at a high level, he’s been through a few passports to say the least.  The decision to immerse himself in the practice of law was in part fueled by his own mismanagement and in part by a genuine desire to pay it forward.  Looking back, he feels that his career was limited by poor guidance and arbitrary regulation, and with his playing days behind him, he finds satisfaction in making sure that it doesn’t happen to any other players. To play the game is to know it, and Emmanuel vows to protect his players by standing up to greedy managers, unjust club owners, and even league politics; he channels this zealous defense into every client he represents so his players can focus on their careers.
Christopher Haris took a different route, but ended up with a law degree nonetheless, a Masters of Law in Intellectual Property.  As a staunch advocate for people’s intangible rights, Chris has traveled the country in defense of his clients – be it a chef in New York who had his style and trade secrets lifted, or an inventor in Atlanta with a partner and royalty dispute, Chris has worked with a myriad of  talent in seemingly every field.  As an IP attorney, Chris’s watchdog approach to protecting a client’s intangibles has become a trademark for Wonder Sports and Entertainment, and a standard that other agencies should aspire towards.

From franchising to licensing, businesses to music, videos to festivals, there isn’t one aspect of the entertainment industry Chris hasn’t had hands-on experience with, and he continues to develop this arm of the agency.  Chris loves to be told that he can’t do something because then, the only thing he doesn’t do is sleep, until he proves his naysayers wrong.  He is a big proponent of bringing his clients together and growing the company from the inside out. Nothing brings Chris more happiness than helping people see their goals through.

Together Emmanuel and Chris have founded Wonder Sports & Entertainment Group, a firm where talent has no hard-and-fast definition, it’s just a beautiful struggle.  Here at WSEG, talent is seen as the never-ending pursuit of passion.  We provide clients with the freedom and protection that allows them to hone in on their craft and be the best version of themselves.  Then and only then can they leave it all on the field… or in the recording booth… or on the plate.


Mission Statement

We let the diversity of our roster speak for itself, and it’s a testament to the fluidity of talent.  See what makes us different from other talent agencies. Feel relief knowing that you have world-class attorneys in your corner. Take comfort in the fact that your every business and legal affairs are in the most competent hand, so you can do you.

Modus Operandi (M.O.)

At WSEG, we believe that talent has no label, talent is universal. We are innovators and leaders in the creation of sports and entertainment based platforms. Our prime mission is to help our clients balance their on-field prowess while paving the road for a bright future after retirement. With expertise across Sponsorship Activation, Experiential Marketing, Media Production, and Digital & Social Media, WSEG provides branding and promotion solutions for the biggest brands on the grandest of stages. We license portfolios of Intellectual Property and do everything in our power to help our clients maximize their value on the open market, and to protect their intangible rights.

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